Am I wrong to believe, that you’re the only person in this world so divine?

Even those little white lies you say, are just so damn intoxicating.

Am I wrong? Am I delusional?

 Did you know that when you and I are alone, time by itself is not enough?

Did you know that every time I’m with you,

I wish we would fall in love because nobody will ever be able to break or tear us apart?

We can forget about school, our life, and we can go on a journey to rock the world.

We could turn it inside out  and upside down.

And the next day, we can get out of bed, and do it all over again.

So tell me, would you like that?

Would you like to start a journey with me,

Just you and me?

Two divine souls merged into one?

Poem By: Ricky Olguin
My Blog Goes Rawr! 

(Source: sr8olguin)


You are my reason for breathing
You are the one who has saved my life countless times
I don’t know how to thank you
I don’t really know how to love
But i will try my best to love you
But sometimes I hate the way you make me feel insecure
You are so beautiful that everyone notices
I feel that one day, you might realize im not as perfect as you think
and leave me for someone better
I’m trying my hardest to show youThat I could make you happy
That I am the only one for you
If you gave me one chance
Just one last time with you
I could make you fall in love with me
Our lips would never be far apart for to long
I know I have low self esteem and I need someone to love me
But I think about you all the time and i forget all of my problems, my insecurities
I wonder if I ever run across your mind
If I play through your thoughts like an old projector
Our hands interlocked like the perfect puzzle piece
You are my inspiration and my hope
You are my biggest dream and my biggest fear
I feel that I soar high above the clouds when you come near
The sound of your voice always makes me smile
I guess this is the perfect time to tell you that “I love you.”

Poem By: Ricky Olguin
My Blog Goes Rawr! 

(Source: sr8olguin)

In this world,

Where hate and violence roams around every corner,

And the monster inside of us wanders restlessly throughout the night,

There is still hope.

All this chaos is no match for you.

All you have to do is smile and you bring so much happiness and joy.

Even in the coldest winters,

When the lakes freeze over and hundreds of people are freezing

and the cold stretches from their head to their toes,

The warmth that you bring when they see you is enough to warm them up and give them peace.

But even though this might be selfish,

You will always be mine.

My arms will always be wrapped tight around you because you are my other half.

We were destined to be together. We might seem like we are two people, but we are in fact one.

You are everything im not. 

And im everything that you want.

Your eyes are my guiding light,

and my words is your guide.

When we finally meet,

We will finally become one.

The way we’ll shine will be brighter than the sun,

and we will dance wildly in the night like fireflies in the moonlit sky.

We will bring happiness to the world together,

and bring hope to all.

 So lets hurry up and find each other,

so we can make this fantasy come true.

Poem By: Ricky Olguin
My Blog Goes Rawr! 

(Source: sr8olguin)

You amaze me every day and I don’t know why.
You can be doing nothing, and im so intrigued by you.
You got me smiling and making me feel something I never felt before.
I wonder what it is?
Is it love?
Is it infatuation?
I don’t know, but I do know that it has me drawn to you
Could you possibly be my other half,
The person who has the key to my heart?
I hope you are, because I am getting tired.
Tired, of running hundreds and hundreds of miles of looking for you.
I keep finding others who lie and tell me that they are the one that im looking for,
But  I know deep down, they are not. 
With you though, I feel different
Just seeing you, make makes my day 10,000 times better,
And your smile, don’t get me started on that.
When you smile, the sun shines brighter than a thousand stars and I just fall more in love with you.
I’m totally captivated, especially when we are under the stars at night and moon light catches your eye.
So tell me are you the one i’ve been looking for or should i keep looking?

Poem By: Ricky Olguin
My Blog Goes Rawr! 

(Source: sr8olguin)

Sometimes I remember the secrets that were left unsaid,
They still linger on my tongue just waiting to be spoken.
I used to have so many memories of you and I,
but now, there have been so many memories made,
All absent of you,
Like rain without the soothing rain drops.
Do you remember our first day of high school,
When I met you?
You made me feel like I belonged, like you were my soul mate.
Even though I denied my affection, my crush, my undeniable love,
My face would turn bright red at the sight of you or at the mere mention of your name.
We mixed ideas and thoughts,
Friendship and kindness.
But then I had to move,
A terrible mistake in the making.
Because when I came back, you were different,
I was different.
Our lives were not on the same path as we were once before.
You were distant now. I felt alone now.
My deepest darkest nightmare of being alone was becoming reality.
Even though I tried my hardest for us to become closer,
We kept moving away from each other.
Now I sit alone while you enjoy your life.
Not being able to let you go,
I shiver in the dark,
Just reminiscing about the past.
I have tear-stained cheeks,
and my heart has a deep cut that I hope will heal with time.
This is all I have left to prove it was real.

Poem By: Ricky Olguin
My Blog Goes Rawr! 

(Source: sr8olguin)

Why do we let ourselves fall in love?

Is it because we are trying to find the one?

Love is such a tricky emotion. When do we know when we are in love?

Is it when we are in a room full of people and yet only we see that one person on the other side of the room?

Is it when the other person is on the other side of the room and yet you feel like that person is right there next to you?

Is it when you’d do anything for them no matter what it is?

We all must ask these questions when you’re trying to find the one. But we can’t rush this, for this is pure and the most important emotion there is. We must take our time to find the one.

The time it takes to find the one may seem like an enternity but one day when we find it, we will have realized that it was all worth it

That to me is “Love” 

Poem By: Ricky Olguin
My Blog Goes Rawr! 

(Source: sr8olguin)

You and I,

We used to be on the same life long journey.

Both of us lost on a endless road,

Looking for answers in the deepest corners of our mind.

We both were looking for someone.

No one in particular,

Not a companion,

Not a friend,

Just someone who could understand.

The stars were brighter when you were walking beside me,

and the sun shone brighter.

I felt stronger and safer in a world filled with unimaginable danger.

We lived like we were on top of the world looking down,

But we knew knowing that it was impossible,

We acted like we could fly and soar through the skies,

I never knew how lucky I was until I lost you.

You walked off the path,

Not leaving even any trace of where you went.

The comfort you brought to me was washed away with the rain,

I still think about you,

You were my angel,

You made me smile when my world seemed like it was out to get me.

Now all I see and think about is what used to be,

My life and everything you meant to me.

Reminiscing on the past,

It’s almost as if you never had wings,

Almost that it seems like you weren’t an angel.

But just almost

Poem By: Ricky Olguin
My Blog Goes Rawr! 

(Source: sr8olguin)

Can we just go back to the beginning of time?

A time where only sticks and stones were the only things that could hurt us.

A time where the words spoken by another meant nothing.

Words after all, are nothing but syllables and letters,

They are nothing more, nothing less.

We are almost near the end of our journey.

We realize the meaning of that phrase,

How much power it truly has over our minds and lives.

It changes the way we see the horizon.

We no longer view things through our very own eyes,

But from a different perspective, almost like another person.

Suddenly though, we begin to understand the pure beauty of the world we live in everyday,

And before you make it to the end of your journey,

Could you do me a final favor?

Do you think you can grant me a wish,

Can you tell me something to disguise the sinking feeling i have felt for a time now,

and sing me a lullaby to get rid of the nightmares of insanity, of loneliness,

But most importantly will you keep my heart safe when you are so far away?

This is all i want.

I just want you to reminisce on all the times we felt limitless, fearless, unconquerable.

Remember the endless time we spent just staring into the sky, just watching the stars,

Hearing our countless dreams over and over again for eternity.

So answer me this,

Can we just go back to the beginning of time?

Poem By: Ricky Olguin
My Blog Goes Rawr! 

(Source: sr8olguin)

Why are we here?
Why aren’t we in my dreams?
It’s always better than reality.
Every moment that we have always ends up in my dreams anyways.
So why don’t me and you go to the land of the dreams right now.
The place where there is no combinations of words to tell you how I feel.
The place that i know that we are better when we are together.
The place where, once after a rainy day, me and you go to the other side of the rainbow, where all our troubles just suddenly disappear.
A paradise where Bluebirds will be flying overhead and I will be picking you some roses to give you.
The place where I want to spend all the days of my life with you just looking at your pretty eyes and thinking about how wonderful our life is.
So how about it,
wanna come to the land of the dreams?

Poem By: Ricky Olguin
My Blog Goes Rawr! 


(Source: sr8olguin)