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Why did you submit this to me? lol
On another note, I finished HIgh School of the Dead  just yesterday! :D

Hey Ricky, a group of high school students (including me!) made this website to help out the families involved in the Sandy Hook tragedy: Anyone can write a short letter which will be made into a book for the families in Newtown.  It’d be great if you could post this on your tumblr :) Thanks!

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My heart jumps every time I heard him laugh; my blood runs fast every single moment I looked at his smile; my nerve shakes in every words he said; my eyes glare as we held each other’s hand; my soul felt safe whenever I remember he’s around. This feeling of mine became full of gratitude when you came in my solitary life, where the only escape is to cry, to hope, and to desire. None of them made me realize how precious love could be, none of them made me feel what it is like to be in the bliss of affection every single minute of the day, none of them made me ride the magic carpet by just merely hanging with the shoulder of the man I wanna share my sweet days with.

It was then 20:29 of the 29th of August when the bright lights turned on, violinist began to play my favorite melody accompanied with a saxophone charmingly tickled my ears as you walked down the aisle in your appealing ship-shaped black coat holding a bouquet of lavender roses and your smiling eyes exclusively focused on mine. I couldn’t remember the exact first word I have said when you approach me and touched my hair slightly covering my shining eyes. You said how special that hour of the night it was for you and me, for the moment you have waited for the longest time came and luckily I was there sharing the good night with you. The words you have said were like shooting stars hitting my mind for they were the sweetest above all material things you have given me. More than anything else, your presence has been one of the pain reliever I could have after each tiring day. When you wrap your arms around me, hugging me so tight, I could feel how fast your heart beats as I could fell much in love with the scent of your perfume diffusing in my nostrils. If I could wish to stop the ticking of the clock and let all things around us froze except our bodies passionately dancing with the harmonize melody of the violin and saxophone, I would. Suddenly, you knelt holding my hand, looking directly in my eyes, as you uttered your promise of unconditional, everlasting, God-centered love. No words came out of my mouth but only a tear expressed the deep feeling of adoration I felt at that very moment followed by the warmth of my hug, our lips were about to touch each others and experience the sweetness it would bring. Until…

My mother tapped my shoulder and said my Prince Charming was already waiting for me downstairs. I walked with my elegant white dress and saw a beautiful man in his appealing ship-shaped black coat ready to share the wonderful lovable night with me, his lady, his love.

Hey ricky! Can you do me a favour? My friends in a music competition, and hes brilliant. Everybody loves the music, but hes just not well known enough. can you ask people to fb like this page:

He gets a professional recorded song if he wins, and a possible record deal.  but yea, hes brilliant, and I pretty sure he would appeal to the majority of your readers. cheers ricky!

I sure will, I even liked it myself. :)

Well People, you heard the person, go like the page if you like his friend’s music! He is actually pretty good. I liked it! :D

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